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Hey, i cannot speak for the sem cycle but my Norco lasted me about 8 months and i had the cranks and hub no longer running true and it was a 2011.

I own the 2012 26" Nimbus Muni, red. Its kind of on the heavy side, but its a TON of fun to Muni. The 3" wide tire with a lower pressure makes it a buttery smooth ride. I have had to use a KH fusion seat (i use the street) i have not been able to comfortable ride any other seat... I just upgraded to the KH spirit cranks and will be retro fitting a hydraulic disk brake to it in the future.

MY recommendation, purchase the KH from the start, comes with the seat, cranks and disk caliper mount so if you want disk brakes in the future it is a breeze!!!

At some point i will be purchasing a complete KH, i have about $600 tied up in mine and its not nearly as light as the KH and is going to require some custom machine work to get the brakes to work. I am satisfied with my nimbus, and have had no quality issues. Its upto you =D
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