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26" CromMo Nimbus vs. 26" Oracle vs. KH26

Hi. I am a pretty experienced unicyclist (ridden 25+ years, but took off many years). Recently gotten into street riding and now have found I really love muni.

I've been doing muni on my 24" Sem Cycle. I put a knobby tire on (24X1.95). I am thinking of picking up either a 26" Nimbus Cromo frame, 26" Nimbus Oracle, or a KH26. If I get a muni I have settled on a 26" because the trails around me are pretty technical, though not overly so. A mix of some cross country and hopping is required.

I am 5'8", 150lbs. A couple questions:
  1. How long do you expect the sem cycle to last doing this kind of riding? I hop over logs, drop off of rocks, say about 8" to a foot etc. before the cranks and hub break?
  2. What is the main difference I will notice between by Sem and a purpose-built Muni? Will I notice a big weight difference? I ride a bit of trials, so I can imagine that a fatter lower PSI tire will make the tech stuff easier. And I know the new seats will be much more comfortable.
  3. Assuming I get a new muni, what do you suggest? Obviously I want to not spend more than I have to, but at the same time, I know I really like it, and I have ridden for years--so not that likely to just stop riding, and not a beginner unicyclist. Will I notice much of a difference between the Cromo Nimbus for ~$400 with upgrades and a ~$700 KH26 or Oracle with upgrades? Do you think buying the cheaper uni will be penny-wise, pound foolish because I will want to upgrade at some point anyway? The AI Oracle comes with disc brakes for the same price as the KH26, so is the KH26 noticeably better and if so how? Anyone with similar experience choosing between mid-grade and top-end munis?
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