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Originally Posted by pierrox View Post
I didn't mind it being here, I rarely venture off the main section of the forum and wouldn't have seen it otherwise. Also, the forum is not so busy at the moment (is everyone gone to FaceBok?), so it brings new posts.

The editor in me wandered if you filmed both directions at each spot, or if you actually went chronological and set the camera twice as you were coming back to the same locations. Thanks!
There are only two parts of the film that are me riding at exactly the same spot. I cheated and filmed myself riding out from and back to the camera when I was on the tarmac section. I then included the "back" bit towards the end of the film. Other than that, each shot is of me riding at a different place, although it is not the most exciting location, it's the best I have locally now that I live on the border of Lincolnshire and Notts.

For each section, I either set up the camera and rode away from it, then collected the camera afterwards, or I went ahead, set up the camera, then rode towards it. I have not re-ridden any section to get a better shot the second time.

I know it was someone else who mentioned it, not you, but there are three reasons why I didn't put a music backing:

1) I ride in the countryside partly to enjoy the environment: the laughter of magpies, the chuckling of the green woodpecker, the cries of the gulls,the songs of the birds in the hedgerows, the whoosh of the windmills' sails, the distant sound of kids on trailbikes. It's all part of the riding experience. Why obscure that with a backing track? If anyone prefers music, they can turn the sound off and play their own music!

2) My taste in music is not very mainstream. 1950s rockabilly, Motörhead, English folk music.

3) About 50% of the non-racist, non-sexist, non-political comments under any YouTube video are criticism of the choice of music.
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