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Originally Posted by Mikefule View Post
After 15 years as a regular in the forum and well over 6,500 posts, this was my first attempt at a video and I put it on the wrong page. My wrist is well and truly slapped.
I didn't mind it being here, I rarely venture off the main section of the forum and wouldn't have seen it otherwise. Also, the forum is not so busy at the moment (is everyone gone to FaceBok?), so it brings new posts.

Originally Posted by Mikefule View Post
Pretty much. I have a cheap old camera that has a very basic movie facility. I recorded the sections separately then trimmed and linked them. The film would have been better if the battery had lasted longer as I would have used more, but shorter, clips, and it would have shown the whole ride.
The editor in me wandered if you filmed both directions at each spot, or if you actually went chronological and set the camera twice as you were coming back to the same locations. Thanks!
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