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Originally Posted by finnspin View Post
Nice video! Filming by yourself is quite the exercise, eh? I'll leave a few comments here that I hope you'll take as constructive criticism.

1. I feel like a broken record, but this forum has sections, and there is one for videos, so use that, please. The structure this forum provides is great, it keeps it from being a cluttered mess like the unicycle chat facebook group.

4. This one is on your unicycling: You seem to twist a lot. Tighten up that core, you are wasting energy. Maybe that's something that will come with time, but just try and be more stable.
Thank you for your advice. After 15 years as a regular in the forum and well over 6,500 posts, this was my first attempt at a video and I put it on the wrong page. My wrist is well and truly slapped.

At 54 years old, in my 30th year of riding, I am unlikely to make major changes to my riding style. I'm good for 20 miles without a dismount, but if I'm wasting energy as you suggest, that's good for keeping my weight down.
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