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Nice video! Filming by yourself is quite the exercise, eh? I'll leave a few comments here that I hope you'll take as constructive criticism.

1. I feel like a broken record, but this forum has sections, and there is one for videos, so use that, please. The structure this forum provides is great, it keeps it from being a cluttered mess like the unicycle chat facebook group.

2. To keep people watching and make the video "round" it needs continuity of sorts. The easiest way to achieve this is (suitable!) music, I enjoy videos that keep the original sound too, but they are harder to edit. You did very well in the first part, but after the shot of the muddy tire (pretty interesting issue btw) it felt very random.
A clear intro and ending is always good too. I feel like you missed some opportunities on the intro, you could have had something like the trunk opening and you taking the uni out as an intro, with the battery running out you couldn't do much for the ending obviously.

3. Maybe you were restricted by the camera you had available, but anything narrower than 16:9 is outdated.

4. This one is on your unicycling: You seem to twist a lot. Tighten up that core, you are wasting energy. Maybe that's something that will come with time, but just try and be more stable.
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