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Originally Posted by As Stupid Does View Post
Big egos set aside, seriously “l”own four Kris Holm unicycles and wouldn’t have been as happy with some other brand.
I have five KHs. Fortunately the 19" frame doesn't have the original paintwork but a distressed red instead. It also has a beautiful Impact wheel with a white rim and hub.

The 26 has a 48 mm KH wheel for Muni but the road wheel is a totally black Nimbus Dominator2. Similarly the 29 though its road wheel has machined brake surfaces for the Maguras.

The 27.5 is an all original KH with Spirit hub and cranks.

I am far happier with my "other brand" 36er than I would have been with a KH. It is a Triton with a Titanium frame that looks more like a piece of jewellery than an industrial structure.

No, you don’t need a break (sic). And we never needed a handle until my buddy Kris decided wimps would pay anything to cheat and look better than they really are. I’m sure Kris smiles big on the way to the bank selling accessories.
I certainly need a brake on my big unis where I ride. It is hard enough work riding up the hills without having to work hard going down them as well.

Some riders can't make a handle work for them but a lot of us can. I have the KH short handle on my 36 and 27.5.
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