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whats your NKS rating?

NKS= New Kewl System (ok it might need a new name )

i think they should change the level system. it should be replaced with my kewl system. instead of having a level you have a rating. every skill or trick will have a certain amount of points (if the skill is in level 5 then it gets 5 points), then you add up all the points from all the skills you can do then get a rating.... and the best thing is it doesn't matter what order you do things in (example you can wheel walk before you can ride backwards)

if you can:
free mount (1)
ride 50m (1)
ride down 15cm vertical drop (2)
hop 5 times (3)

you would have a rating of 7 (if my math is right )

in the NKS (new kewl system) my rating is 75

what is your NKS rating?

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