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Originally Posted by zfreak220
The rim is actually 15". Bike rims size are measured as if a 2" wide tire is on them, adding 4" onto the total diameter. So 19" rim is 15", 20" rim is 16", 24" rim is 20", etc. Trials (mod rear) tires for 19" (15") rims are all 20x2.5 making the total diameter of the rim and tire 20". Front rims of trials bikes are 20" (16") rims. Front trials tires (for mod bikes) are all (that I know of) 20x2.0 making the total diameter 20". So don't buy any trials tires that are 20x2.0 if you plan to use it on a 19" (15") rim.
Yes, the 19" designation apparently refers to the approx. total size with tire on. But *both* the CC and the tryall trials tires are clearly marked 20x2.5, not 19". Doesn't really matter as long as it fits properly, and it does. Btw , the actual measurement of my KH rim is just a tad over 15", and *with* the tryall or Maxxi trials tire it's a full 20" diameter. Now my torker lx rim is 16". Oh, and even though the tryall trials tire is marked "20x2.5", you must still use a 19" (15" actual but they call the 19") rim.
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