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Originally Posted by kombi
That seat looks low.... or do trials riders ride with a lower than normal seat?
Yeah I like it low when doing jumps since it allows for more knee bend and tuck. Not as necessary for sif, but for si you want it low for ups. I like the saddle higher though for unispins-not that I can do them (180) very well-yet!

Originally Posted by phthoruth
Is the 19 in 1936 the real size of the trials wheel?

A friend once let me ride his coker and I was warned I shouldnt hop because they're no made for that...
Yes to the first question. The rim is 19", and UDC states that the CC tire is *also* 19", but it says 20" on the sidewall, as does the tryall. To the second comment, I must not have heard the "warning" about hopping on a 36er lol!
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