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Originally Posted by MuniAddict
No, the title isn't my birthdate lol!

I Just got my new KH trials today. It feels sooo squirly and weird since I'm used to my MUni for doing this stuff.
I put a tryall tire and twisted PC's on it, so at least it looks cool, but whether I can learn to do (clean) tricks on it is another matter!

So here ya go, and some 36er stuff too. Haha watch the hiker at the end! Hope you enjoy, and appreciate your comments!
Haha! great video man, and are you sure that's not your birthday in the title? how do the twisted PC's feel? Very cool new trials unicycle.... Can I have it?
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Ahh... middle aged kids are just like middle aged men... concerned about how much hair they have, and getting a young girlfriend and cool car.
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