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Red face Seat post cut - a stupid mistake

Hello all
I made a rather basic error and had my LBS cut my new seatpost - and I based it on the letters on KH’s all in one seatpost. Of course the post I was basing this off has the letters printed lower down then in the post being cut!

Yep really daft and I am kicking myself now as I shouldn’t have been in such a rush.

Anyway, it means that about 2” of post are in the frame’s stem (and fully clamped past the grove at the top) - however this is in a 36er with the saddle all the way down - at the lowest possible setting.

My question is - will this be safe to ride like this? Naturally I’d prefer it to have one more inch of seatpost in the frame - but I cannot face buying another post if I can help it. I’m presuming the forces on this use case are less given that the post in all the way down - but I wanted to check here. I do use a touring bar so I guess that may add it the strains but I cannot really see that a post 1 inch longer would improve in the set up’s ridgidity.

All advice gratefully received :-)
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