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The very first one I bought - it was something like 18 years ago - got me into riding a bit, but I didn't pursue enough to become a good rider then. It was one of those chrome thing with a tire getting thinner by the minute and a saddle that would be ripped apart with each upd. Nothing else existed then anyway.

When I moved out of London, the uni went to my parents and started gathering dust in the garage, classic. I tried it a few times on occasional visits, then forgot about it. My parents lent it to a neighbor to entertain their grand-son, and a few months later, their garage burnt down in a fire. With my first uni in there.

Years later, I bought my first real unicycle, a Nimbus II with a knobby tire. Pimped it up (KH Dual cranks and seat, bigger tire), but eventually sold it when a KH24 came along.

Shame about the flame incident, not that I really wanted to keep it, or use it. But it would have been fun to see how rubbish it was, now that I can ride (almost) properly!

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