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I went into a basement bicycle store one day to buy a tyre and I noticed an old unicycle with a 20" wheel, hanging from the ceiling. I expressed interest so the man took it down for me to have a closer look.

There was some rust on it but not a lot so I asked the price and it wasn't cheap. I thanked the owner and went away with just the tyre and didn't really think a lot more about it.

A couple of weeks later I got to thinking about the unicycle again and I decided if the unicycle was still there that I would buy it. Of course it was still there, because who in their right mind would want to buy an overpriced rusty old unicycle. However, I got a slight reduction on the price and purchased my first unicycle.

Day after day I practised on the grass in the park, I was learning to free mount and ride all in one huge effort using the internet for instruction. I went back to the same spot so often that my wheel made a groove in the ground. The groove was quite helpful because it stabilized the wheel as I freemounted.

Suffice to say, I finally got one pedal revolution, then two and so on until I had motion and then there was no stopping me.

During my research I noticed a site called U.k. and made a phone call and got talking to Roger who was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Like so many other unicyclists I built up my fleet.

Despite having a fleet of quality unicycles, I still have my first no name rusty chromed unicycle minus the viscount saddle which I replaced with a more comfortable saddle and I kept the receipt.

Why have I kept the unicycle? Well, it brings back fond memories especially that elation I got when I was able to mount, stay balanced and ride for the first time. That was one of my greatest achievements. It's also useful for teaching someone else who wants to learn how to unicycle.

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