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Because I just started getting into this sport at the beginning of the year, I still see myself as a beginner. My rides aren't the most graceful but I am improving, and there are other elements to riding I'm still working on (like free mount, idle, turning, ect). Since there's so much to learn, I'm sure the 'beginner' status will live deep inside but I'm at the point right now that I could care less of being a 'beginner' as most of the general public would think you're a pro if you can ride 50 feet.

I find this similiar with my yoyo hobby. I can try to nail a trick, completely miss/fumble up and people will be amazed and tell me I should compete. I then have to quickly tell them that the trick came out fumbled and attempt the trick again...followed by getting a statement like "Can you walk the dog?"
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