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Exclamation Help choosing uni!! Qx RGB 19" or Impact Gravity Pro??

I've recently started unicycling again (I used to do it as a child, but my uni got abandoned as I grew up). 4 Months ago I bought a second-hand muni, and I've really got into flatland since then (I've managed to land some basic tricks, the 360 unispin is the hardest one I've landed so far).

This is looking like a long run race, and i want to upgrade my uni. My current one is too heavy and has some other defects (for instance, the axis and the cranks have some "looseness" -I don't know the exact word-).

That being said, I've reduced the options to the following two:

a) QX RGB 19"

b) Impact Gravity Pro

Both have a similar price, same weight, and as far as I can see, quite similar in general. I need some help.

Does the Q-Axle axis make a big difference? Has technology significantly improved from 2015 (Impact Gravity Pro) to 2018 (Qx RGB 19")? Is the Qx RGB 19" frame strong enough? What's your opinion? Which one should I choose?

Thank you all for taking your time!!!
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