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Originally Posted by finnspin View Post
Let's make this a bit more clear: There are two thread sizes (and directions) you need to match:

1: The size of thread in your hub, which is m12 for nimbus and Kris-Holm cranks, but could also be m8, m13 (early Impact hubs I believe), and m15 (for Koxx one and QU-AX Isis disk), but it's best to just measure your bolts yourself. All of these are right hand threaded.
I have never personally seen m8 ISIS crank bolts, but apparently they do exist! So ISIS has officially used m8, m12, m13, m14, and m15 bolt sizes upon further research. The safest thing to do would be to measure the bolt, of course. I would strongly bet he is using either Nimbus or KH cranks, so the m12 bolts will be the ones he is looking for. But yes, as I stated earlier, there are different sized crank bolts and it's worth checking before buying, sorry if I didn't state that clear enough.

Originally Posted by finnspin View Post
2: The size of thread in your crank, where your crank puller attaches, which, for most cranks (that don't come with a self extractor included) is M22x1, right hand thread.
There are also different crank extracting thread diameters, but it is nothing to be worried about. Most new crank extractors will be compatible with the mostly standardized crank extracting thread size, and if it has the older size (m23 and others), it usually has the newer size on the tool, too, and you can flip it around. The m22 size is definitely not one I would be too concerned about when purchasing a new extractor! All three tools mentioned will work for his cranks, so let's not actually make things more complicated.
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