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Originally Posted by juggleaddict View Post
Short rides: Park-tool MT-1

Most rides: Lezyne Micro floor pump, patches, crankbrothers m19, levers, zip ties, tape, large 8mm wrench for cranks. All but the floor pump is in a canvas tool roll I can throw into whatever bag I'm using, so I'll usually carry a small tool like the MT-1 or some other small allen key set in a more accessible pouch.

Some rides: I'll throw in a cable lock in case I want to pick something up at a store, bluetooth speaker, spare blinky lights, extra batteries.

Overnights: small med-kit with a blood clotter, bear spray, kevlar spoke repair kit if I'm on a smaller wheel (<36.... they just don't fit the big wheel) I would highly recommend these for Muni riders if you like doing crazy stuff far out in the woods:

Just depends on what you think you'll need. I haven't had too many maintenance issues, but I usually come prepared, and I've sacrificed more repair gear to people in need than I have used. Invest in good, lite gear, and you won't care about the weight of bringing too much. Tools like the Fenix E05 or E01 light, a cheap tiny pocket knife, and zip ties are invaluable as a get-me-out-of-jail-free card, as they are cheap, weigh almost nothing, and are reliable for many different situations.

TL;DR: allen keys, patch kit, pump, and other stuff as needed.
Nice concise reply, greatly appreciated thanks.
Think i'll get myself one of those MT-1's as they look handy.

Originally Posted by harper View Post
I like to carry a SEARCH FUNCTION with me.
Gee, now why didnt I think of that!
Oh wait, maybe I did and after seeing that same post and noticing it was three years old, perhaps thought it was worth asking again as a lot can change in 3 years.
But hey, thanks for pointing that out with your big stick.
Originally posted by onewheeldave:
Neither unicycles nor dreams should be stuffed into cupboards & left to rot.

Un-branded 20" x 2.125 with 140mm cranks and a nutt buster seat which is now in many many pieces.
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