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Re: How do you turn corners?

> Your formulae and my gut feeling agree that the twist tendency is
> proportional to the wheel mass. So if I have a lighter wheel the whole
> "turning through leaning" works different, i.e. less. And with a
> weightless wheel it wouldn't work at all unless I miss something. That
> is still counterintuitive to me.

Keep in mind there's no such thing as a weightless wheel. Intuition may
fail you with impossible things.
> I'll ask my colleague engineers what physical explanation they offer
> as to why a coin that you throw to roll in a straight line on a
> horizontal plane, but which (coin) is tilted as opposed to being
> vertical, starts to describe a circle as opposed to continuing in a
> straight line while falling at the same time. And if this is due to
> the procession, then try imagine a weightless coin with an additional
> point mass at its centre. There the procession explanation wouldn't
> work, would it? And still it would ride a circle, wouldn't it? (I'm
> not sure, maybe my intuition fails in this hypothetical thing.)
> I think that my failure to understand this coin behavior is core to
> my problem.

Precession. Once again, no such thing as a weightless coin. It's not a
useful mental image.

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