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Well countersteering was the key concept for me. Thanks to those who mentioned this idea. I read it yesterday and today while practicing I remembered the idea. I used to love countersteering turns on my BMX. In practice today I applied this idea and my poorly performed 3m diameter circles turned into 1.5 meter circles without pedal hits.
A countersteering turn is one in which the wheel is steering toward the outside of the circle. The greater the lean of the wheel into the turn, the greater the angle of countersteering required to overcome the lean. The best place to see this in action is any motorcycle race. These are getting easier to find on TV every day. Note how upright the wheel is compared to the frame of the cycle.
I countersteered by twisting my body in the direction opposite of the turning direction. Since a countersteer allows you to accellerate through the turn, the effect is a smother, sustained turn. I was able to get 3 or so circles of 1.5m diameter. Another advantage is that, although the unicycle may be leaning more, the angle of lean of the wheel is less, keeping the pedal from hitting the ground. Note that I currently have 150mm cranks on a 20".
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