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Klaas Bil
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Re: How do you turn corners?

It remains a bit elusive to me. Although I've been trained in vector
notation long ago, I haven't followed all of your logic. But I think I
understand from it that the moment causing a rotation in y is
proportional to the mass of the rotating wheel. That would mean that
if I would have a hypothetical wheel with zero mass, then lean would
not cause the unicycle to turn. It may be so but it is against my gut

>You can do an experiment yourself.
>Spin a unicycle wheel and hold it off the ground by the seat. Try to
>make it "lean" and you will see is twist into a turn in your hands.

I did the experiment and noted that the unicycle only tended to turn
in my hands as long as I increased the lean. Having a constant lean,
there was no turning tendency. This is different from riding a bend,
where a "constant" lean and a "constant" speed keep me riding in a
circle forever.

Klaas Bil

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