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you're the max minus the backward pirouette, why is there no backward spin or pick up/kick up from seat drag in back on the levels section?
a) nobody submitted a movie. But please feel free to do so.
b) making such movie requires a
rider [1] willing to spend time [2], a cameraman [3] willing to spend time [4] at the same moment as rider is [5], a location [6], thats available [7] on the same moment as when rider and cameraman want to use it [8]. A.s.o.
Besides that my execution will pass the rules, but not be representive as 'the example'. So I think it was cutted out by a mean editor (yes me) that keeps eye on the quality level.

This was the level I had 5 years ago. Due to injury on my shoulder I could'nt practise like I used to. And so I've not been focusing on the levels at all. But spring just has started, so maybe I fill in those gaps soon.

Lars Lottrup recently notified me another mistake on that list: on level 3 and up you are not allowed to let a L-foot mount and a R-foot mount as seperate mounts. Will fix that as well, though I think it's not needed to give examples on there those headings.

I'm sure anyone with enough patience to learn the transition to side ride shouldn't have too much trouble getting something as easy (relatively) as the kick up from seat drag in back!
On that statement I can only speak for myself, and agree on that. However it are not the only ways to get back into riding position. So I don't realy understand what you're trying to say.

I agree about not competing on the skill levels, but I do find them to be a great personal motivational tool.
Exactly. It's a very good way to explore the different sort/types of skills, and to stimulate L/R 'compatibility' which is often the key to progress (and many often not only for the skill you're focussing on)!
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