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Originally Posted by slamdance View Post
2.) Tire replacement cost. Not a big deal, but it's something i have to do every 6 months from riding on both offroad and asphalt. My 24" Duro leopards only cost me about 50$, but w/tax/shipping get's around 80$. I'm sure anything bigger than 26 is easily about $100-$150 after tax/shipping. Are we all rich? Do we ride our unicycle everyday? Something to consider.
Really? every 6 months? I still have the stock tires on all the unis I bought. Now that I have a family I only ride once a week, but I used to ride all the time. In 4 years I've never replaced a tire and I fixed 3 tubes on different unis.
Sometimes I just take off the cranks and put them on at a different angle from the wheel, so when I mount I don't always do it at the same spot on the tire. It is easier than taking off the tire and turning that around.
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