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Alright maybe I will put my spikes back

Not all the spikes, but maybe 4 spikes(on inner side) for each pedal. That way if I should fall, it may spare my 50%. Just a warning for any newbies with spikes you must protect both front/back, because the pedal can hit you on your calves not just your shins.

Anyways, 2 more things to consider for "buying a new unicycle":

1.) You need a bike rack? or just throw it into your trunk? I like the convenience of throwing my 24" muni into my trunk along with all the existing junk inside my trunk. I could fit a 26" w/fat tires at the largest, but anything bigger will require 10 minutes of major re-arrangment each time. If I go even bigger(29" plus) I would definitely need a bike rack...seriously.

2.) Tire replacement cost. Not a big deal, but it's something i have to do every 6 months from riding on both offroad and asphalt. My 24" Duro leopards only cost me about 50$, but w/tax/shipping get's around 80$. I'm sure anything bigger than 26 is easily about $100-$150 after tax/shipping. Are we all rich? Do we ride our unicycle everyday? Something to consider.

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