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Originally Posted by kunstrasen View Post
Thanks for the review. I like the idea of an integrated back protector. How is ventilation on the back? I guess it is getting quite warm as it need to fit tight? Can it take a 3L bladder?
Yes, ventilation is close to zero. I prefer a sweaty back over a backpack that moves around though, and any well ventilated backpack I've tried so far doesn't feel very secure, so it's not worse than any other backpack I've used before.

It will take a 3L Water bladder. I'm not sure if it will take any brand, or only the Camelbak reservoir though.

There are quite a few backpacks with protectors out there (thanks to the rise of all mountain/enduro mountainbike I guess), so it's worth looking around. The fact that the K.U.D.U can be used as just a protector too is what made me buy it over other brands.
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