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Originally Posted by saskatchewanian View Post
... The MU UCM has a flat top compared to the D'brake's staggered surfaces. Where the D'brake is tightened on the side with the arm first then snugged up on the other side the UCM would be installed like a normal bearing holder. [...] I now use a washer under the arm side of the UCM to transfer the force to the frame like the D'brake does ...
I did not know, that the UCM does not provide this staggered shape. So thats plus for the d'Brake. It'll make no sense to tighten the bearing holder with a defined torque for not deforming and so damaging the bearing and on the other side let the whole brake force go radial right into the bearing just to deform it to egg shape.

I wonder if riders with the UCM therefore do have damaged bearings a bit more often. Did anyone have issues with that?
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