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I use a flat metal tape. I recently got a "Pi tape" that reads with the diameter when you measure the circumference, so it eliminates one step.

I have used a few methods for measuring ERD. The opposing spokes is good (like poor mans Wheelsmith ERD rods), but it requires at least a few independent measurements to be averaged (especially with a used rim). By measuring the circumference you get an automatic average of the entire rim.

Sutherlands used to sell an ERD measuring kit that works a lot like what I'm using. The one difference was a very nice wide plastic strap that will go across the width of any rim. I have very small clips that I use when I have a difficult rim. They just hold the tape in place so it doesn't flop off the edge.

The Pi tape would be nicer if it was metric, but it's not a big deal to convert from inches to mm's. Maybe someday I'll find a metric version though.

I'll see if I can shoot some pix of my tools/process.
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