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I've built my third wheel with an old KH 26 Freeride rim and a Nimbus Drift Trike Disc hub.

Once again finding the right spoke lengths was a problem. I noticed that the UDC spoke calculator and the KH website stated differnt "Effective Rim Dimension" (ERD) - KH: 541 and UDC: 536. I thought I'better meassure myself and did 2 diagonal meassures which both read 545, so I went with that. The result was too long spokes. On the second try, I used the KH ERD when calculating spoke lengths. That worked well, but the spokes went all the way into the bottom of the nipples, so even the UDC ERD would have worked. Spoke lengths disc side was: UDC: 254.3, KH: 256.39, mine: 258.39.

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Nipples has to be ordered separately even though they are in the same photo as the spokes.
Not true!

This time I did some reading after all, and after building a couple of wheels the Sheldon Brown tutorial was easy reading so I followed that. The first time I got dizzy just looking at all the colored spokes, but his explanations really are excellent. Even though it was my third build, I still I managed to get the lacing wrong. I started all over and on the second try I got it right. I supect I did something wrong with the second group of spokes on the first attempt. Note to self: make sure you have enough time available when you lace a wheel.

This time I used a spoke tension meter. Lesson learned from Sheldon Brown: It is the spoke tension on the disc side that matters. The only thing to consider on the none disc side is that the spoke tension should be even. The rim is an old muni rim which has taken some beating, and it was impossible to get it true. It is off both lateral av vertical, but I did the best I could with it.

I had to grind a millimeter or so off the inside of the bearing holder/D-brake to get enough clearence for the rotor bolts.
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