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I'm not sur about the nimbus dominator 2 rim (I don't have it by my side right now but can take a look at it tomorrow), I rather believe it has an offset (barely noticeable but still there).
I mean you have a right-handed rim or a left-handed one and you have to take it in account to know if the key spoke will be the one just after the valve hole or if you have to put it a hole away from the valve hole(sheldon guide).
Also the right flange must be connected to the rim holes of the right side.

About the schlumpf hub, if you have a first generation hub, the flange holes are alternatively filed on one side only, so they are meant to have the spoke going through it from the inside or the outside, if you don't respect this you can brake it, but I don't remember if you have a recent hub or not.
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