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I'm an Equinox street owner and am quite satisfied. The Cyko Lite tire has gotten some bad press, but it has been incredibly long lasting. The side walls are, I think, lighter, causing it to fold on gaps/sideways-jumps under lower tire pressure (I'm not big into this kind of jumping, so it's not a real issue). The new KH frame claims to have enough of a square crown to place the foot on the crown, but I'm skeptical, and I have big feet. Hitting my knees on the Equinox crown has never been an issue for me. Regarding strength, my understanding is that the KH is stronger and more able to handle 4-ft drops, and maybe that explains the extra 2-lb weight penalty. The Equinox is great for learning freestyle and street/trials technique. Take the extra $175 you're saving, and apply it to some tools/safety-gear.
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