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According to UDC the KH is a whole 2 lbs heavier. Somewhere around a pound of that difference is nothing but the tire as far as I can tell. I don't have much time on a cyko lite tire (which comes with the nimbus) but the general consensus seems to be that it's inferior to the maxxis cc (which comes with the KH.) After the weight the biggest differences I see are the cranks and saddle. I haven't ridden a nimbus flat saddle so I don't know how comfortable it is but I've always avoided it because it looks very ugly to me. The cranks are a huge difference though, the nimbus ventures aren't bad but KH cranks have been proven time and time again. The KH frame is stronger than the equinox in theory with the one piece crown but I've never seen any data on either one breaking, mostly because the KH is new and the equinox is uncommon.

IDK which I would get but those are some thoughts.
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