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Originally Posted by Setonix View Post
Now it happens very very rarely that I ride a bike and almost always ride uni.
Checks this quote against Setonix's info: Yes, is from The Netherlands. Rarely rides a bike. But rides unicycles all the time, so I guess that makes it "normal".
Originally Posted by OneTrackMind View Post
It is not uncommon for serious unicylists to lose their ability to ride no hands on a bike. I can't let go on a bike any more.
I've got to put a seat on my old Miyata Triplecross (bike) and see if that's true for me...

I've done so very little bicycle riding in years. What little I do is either very brief, and usually on one of my wife's recumbents (or both). Recumbents don't no-hands very well at all, or if at all. But I have occasionally had the old Artistic Bike out, and though it has very steep frame geometry, I can no-hands that one. Maybe that's all that's keeping me in practice!
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