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What a timely thread for me - I'll just sign in here. Got my first guni on Sunday, and due to illness today was my first proper attempt to ride it. Is a secondhand (well actually third hand at least - I missed out on it the last time it was for sale, but have now bought it from the chap who beat me to it) original Schlumpf hub on a Schlumpf telescopic frame. Built up as a fast lightweight road 29er with a Mavic TN719 rim and a Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tyre, 150 cranks. Suits my original intended use of a guni perfectly, but I'm going to be so tempted to at the least try a knobbly tyre at some point (I guess given the square taper axle I should resist rebuilding onto a wide rim, as that will only make me tempted to do stuff which risks damaging it).

Only got 10 or 15 minutes of playing around whilst "looking after" my kids who were busy playing on jumps with their bikes, so only up and down our little bit of road, but did succeed in freemounting and riding a bit in high gear. No shifts as yet. Found mounting onto the wheel in high gear remarkably easy, as with a tiny bit of forward momentum you can pretty much just step up on the back pedal - though getting going is still kind of interesting, and when I did the speed picked up scarily quickly for the small space I had (and complete lack of protective kit ) Will have to go for the full set of kit tomorrow - including the knee and elbow pads I own but have never worn on a uni - and head out to the nice flat straight bike path and see what I can do. Given comments about footwear and shifting I guess I should also dig out my Shimano AM41s - I usually wear Vans Gravels except when it's wet and/or cold, but those are low cut and the AM41s have a high ankle in the inside.
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