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2013 Schwalbe tire line up, includes a DH 29er!!

RR 2.4 goes away, some tread changes, new info listing on tires to make it easier to know what you're getting, and the creme de la creme, a Hans Dampf downhill tire...

From the MTBR Review of 2013 Schwalbe Tires:
As stated earlier, they’ll offer the 29″ size in almost every model of their MTB range. They did a large study and made some interesting findings about the characteristics of this tire size. They measured rolling resistance with a power meter test using their 29er tires, on different terrain and obstacles, and it showed they rolled 5-6% faster than a 26″. They also asked 50 test subjects for their judgement or ride experience in a 26″ vs 29″ comparison, in relation to wheelspin, somersault, holding a downhill line, safety, ride performance, comfort and optic. In every category, the 29er tire always came out top.
Pan down to the cutout picture of the Hans Dampf SG (Super Gravity)

<1000g, full snakeskin casing, rubber inserts for stiffness, folding bead, sticky rubber, high volume, three compound choices, what a tire!!

Yeah, it'll probably be $150

But I still want one in my stocking
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