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Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
Check out the tire grab mount. Kind of a cheater trick, but gets the job done.
A cheater trick that doesn't work for me. It is too scary as I have to bend over too much. Never got the hang of it. Mhm maybe should try that again for my 36" mounts as they keep posing probs.

Originally Posted by Canoeheadted View Post
You're already riding a 26. It's only going to get easier from here.
Get proficient on the 26 and then buy your 29.
That is also the way I went. First learned on a cheap 50eur 20", then bought the 26" with which I could ride 6-ish kilometres and then got the 29", which makes distance a lot more fun and I could ride it in the forest too like I did with the KH26. The freestyle and trials 20"s I only got later after having watched some youtube vidz. Still the Nimbus 29" has become my go-to uni.

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