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The learning roadmap and upgrading my first uni

Hello everyone,

started learning a few weeks ago on a Torker LX (26") and making some progress - "rode" about 50-70 yards today. I feel like I'm starting to get it but the uni broke today again - the pedals' thread is screwed and it happened third time. Two previous times I fixed it by inserting a thread couple inside the crank arm. Ordered a new arm today.

Given that its broken I'm considering potentially to upgrade it and have a few questions:

1. My ultimate goal is to be able to ride a mountain uni, probably 29" (as I see a couple of guys on the trails). I hear that to have 26" as a first uni may not be the easiest path. Is it a good idea to buy a 24" or even 20" to accelerate learning new skills?

2. What is the right way in my situation (given that I'm not really riding yet) to get to the mountain 29" uni?

3. Is there a learning roadmap of skills? For example, riding for 1-2 minutes, turning, idling, free-mounting, etc.
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