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i just dribbled
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i will agree it makes the uni pretty much essentially useless for trials. but thats fine with me. i dont plan on doing trials much in the snow... i would have done it to my nimbus 24" but it doesnt have a saddle so that would be useless, and i wasnt about to drill holes in my 36" radial tyre.

the tyre is heaps of fun down big dirt hills though, makes it so much easier and funner to ride down.

yes, australia has snow, its a 21 hour bus trip down to the snow. the snow lasts for like 3 or 4 months. the snow is crappy, though. but it's all good.

i like how it makes the uni look meaner
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Just put the new uni together in the driveway stopped to move the car and ran over the uni.
Felt like putting my head under the tire.
- JustOneWheel
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