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Originally Posted by Setonix View Post
You live in a great area for cruising around. Dutchyland quickly becomes boring. I just figured though: wouldn't it be easier if you had taken a unicycle with a road tire. Riding 58km is quite an accomplishment and such a mountainbike wheel does add more friction.
Also cool to see you didn't take a 36" for the trip, though as you say there were many climbs, which would be disadvantageous with a 36".
Thanks, there are very some nice places here, but maybe a few too many hills! I've seen photos from your country and it does not look at all boring to me, unicycle heaven. @Gockie would agree.

You are correct about the tyre. There is no road tyre available to fit the 55mm rim on the KH29. I would have needed another wheel set built and that's not worth the money. I use 117mm cranks on the 29", perhaps slightly short for these hills but good for the distance even with the drag of that tyre.

My KH36 is better suited for such a ride, but I do not yet have the skill and strength to ride those hills on a 36, or manoeuvre in the crowds. Maybe next year. I couple of people riding 36" did complete the ride, looks like using 150mm cranks which would have been tiring on the flat sections. Unicycles are such a compromise...
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