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Ride two

I have just returned from my second ride in high gear, I did 11 km on smooth tarmac. I am getting a little more relaxed now, my cruising speed is between 18 and 20 km/h. I am starting to notice the gear slop now, but it is not really annoying.

At the end of the ride I changed to first gear (not on the fly), and I couldn't freemount and take of . The feel in low gear is so different, my mind cannot deal with this sudden change at the moment, I hope practice will improve that. It takes some minutes to get comfortable in low gear again.

After the ride I practiced shifting next to a wall, inside the garage.
Shifting up, the cranks rotate about 20 before engaging second gear, is this normal?

I also discovered that I really need new shoes, or I will hurt my ankles.

I have the feeling that the big tire is really slowing me down an tarmac.
I hope it shows its good qualities in the mud this weekend, it has rained a lot here last weeks.
But I think that I cannot resist to try the Schwalbe Furious Fred 26x2.25 tire I have on my MTB. A 400 gram tire with low rolling resistance.
Yes, I like to experiment with tires, like some other forum members
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