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Freemounting in high is really tough
Good for you for getting it though

I had similar plans as you when I got my hub. I planned to get used to high gear. Then worry about shoring later

Had the hub 1 year now and I still cant start in high
To be fair I don't feel the need to

I think learning to shift on the fly is much easier than starting off in high

Just for reference my set up
Exactly the same as yours
Only difference is tyre

I went in the other direction. I started with maxis hookworm. As I planned learning to shift on Tarmac

The key to leArning shifting for me was shoes. With my normal shoes I was trying ankle shifting and I smashed myself to bits
Once I got my 5:10 karvers (the ankle bone protection is great) I got much better much faster

Have fun. I found learning to shift and ride in high as much fun and as sattisfying as learning to ride to begin with
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