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I own the 26" Oracle with the cap-mounted D-Brake. I learned that, when the bearing cap is tighter, the brake is less likely to send vibration through the entire uni. I figured it out only after relieving the tension on both caps (the wheel wasn't making enough rotations when spun freely) then going on a ride. While braking down a hill, I could hear two frequencies an octave apart. I felt the vibration coming through the seat. I call it an "Oracle-gasm." Anyway, it only took me a few years to figure out why the brake made noise intermittently! Nimbus has moved away from the "inferior" D-brake system.

I complained to another rider about wanting greater braking power. He suggested I use a larger rotor. I think accommodations can be made for rotor size on frame-mounted brakes but not on the D-Brake.
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