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Sometimes cheap is good, if you only use it once in a while. I have one of these Harbor Freight torque wrenches, and it works OK, as far as I can tell (I've never tried to "calibrate" it, there's no real method supplied for doing that). I mainly use it for the small hardware on my Schlumpf hub.
Apologies to those in other countries who may not have access to this particular vendor. Harbor Freight is known for cheap Chinese tools, but sometimes they get decent stuff.
BTW, I don't use the torque wrench on my bearing caps, I just put a drop of blue Loctite on the bolts (clean them first!), tighten until they are tight, then loosen up just enough so the wheel spins easily. Never had any problems.
(4 inch-pounds is equivalent to 3.37 foot-pounds.)
Good luck!
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