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Originally Posted by johnfoss View Post
More than 1 litre of water. Isn't it hot there? It gets pretty hot here! And a bit of food.

I always ride with a little pump, though there's no way I'm likely to be able to fix a flat on my 36". It's reeeely hard to get the tire off the rim, even with decent tire levers! It gets used more for other rides, or other riders along the trail.

I also recommend a camera, if you're into such things.
John, this is very interesting, and I think the first time I've seen someone say the 36" wheel is basically unrepairable on the trail if it goes flat.

I'm keen on this topic since I'm planning a 240 mile (386 km) unicycle-camping trip. I've got a spare 36" tube, but decided it wasn't worth carrying (space is at a premium). But I am planning to take a pump, patch kit, and tire levers...I'm wondering now if even that is worth it.
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