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Originally Posted by OneTrackMind View Post
The Karma has a dual compound construction with harder rubber in the middle and softer on the sides. Maybe something went wrong during manufacture and the transition knobs are softer on one side than the other?
Originally Posted by fuxo View Post
Hello again, I wished to write a reply weeks ago, but since then, the situation is even more confusing for me... changing the tire solved the problem in the first tests, but after some time, the problem came back... or maybe I did not notice it at first... or it appears from time to time... well, I don't know what to do.
After riding my 36" Nightrider tire today, both of the above comments make sense to me. I ride my tire with about 60psi and under normal conditions it is hardly effected by road camber, until today. I previously posted a video showing the effect of tire pressure and there is a big difference in camber effect. However today I went out with my tire at 60psi but the temperature was right at freezing. The road was dry and I rode the very same road that I ride in warmer temperatures. The camber effect was much worse with the colder temperature and I suspect that the tire rubber is harder and is less flexible the colder it gets. I was so surprised at the negative camber effect that I suspected that I had set the tire pressure wrong before the ride. I double checked the pressure when I got home and it was right at 60 psi.

So I could see how the harder and softer rubber in the same tire could cause the tire to turn one way if there is more hard rubber on one side then the other. Also as Fuxo reported the very same tire can preform differently. I have seen that tire pressure and now temperature can have a great effect on how a tire handles camber and maybe even in this special case of the tire turning to one direction.

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