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I'm one of the co-organizers/driving-forces for the first AZ muni weekend. Chris Labonte (main driving-force) has been to Moab numerous times and tells me that our trails easily match Moab in terms of overall quality (a bit hard to compare, since the terrain is different). Having been to the past CMW, I can attest that our trails are every bit as good as those. Depending on interest, we plan to do some rides that are considerably more technical (and super-fun) than what was at the last CMW. If the CMW trails were plenty difficult for you, don't worry because there will be less technical options (but just as awesome). Anyhow, Chris and I are super excited to share our awesome trails with everybody. We're pretty sure that once the word gets out, the event will grow next year.

Corbin and John, sorry to hear that you can't make it!
Terry, you will not regret it at all if you come!
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