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I know exactly what you're going through, Onetrackmind. I recently had to overcome that terrible fear of falling backwards while practicing going backwards. It seemed I was stuck forever going backwards only 15 feet before a UPD or dismount because of how scary it felt.

The main thing that helped me overcome my fear was to simply practice going backwards a lot. Going backwards slowly became less scary the more I got used to it, and the more I figured out how to safely come off while going backwards. I took a few nasty falls while going too fast, but didn't badly injure myself. Oh and remember to take deep breaths!

Knowing how to idle is also a big help. It's definitely a good idea to mix up backwards and idling practice since the two skills are closely related.

Safety gear is also very important.

I've improved greatly since coming off that plateau nearly 2 months ago: I can go backwards for as much as 1/5 of a mile doing big circles around a tennis court or parking lot, and can sometimes do backwards figure 8s, though I still often screw up.

I think visualizing yourself doing it before you do it is also a big help. Good luck to you!
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