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Thanks all for the great feedback.

I decided to give it a go tonight and it wasn't near as scary as I had build it up to be in my mind. The worst was what seemed to be a magnetic attraction between the front saddle bumper and the back of my right calf.

I was surprised at the strength of the instinct not ride where I could not see even though I knew there were no obstacles for more revolutions than I could achieve even under the most miraculous circumstances.

Alas, I had already learnt to stop after one revolution from practice in my idling frame but I did get past it once or twice in someway toward hundred attempts. Main problem was continuing to keep the weight leaning backwards.

This was on a 20 inch with 100 mm cranks which I have done most of my frame practice on. Next I will try the 24 inch with 125 cranks which I also used on my last frame session. I actually did a better job on the 24 in the frame than I had on the 20 even though I have never tried the 24 backwards before so I am fairly optimistic.

Definitely something in that brain reconsolidation stuff.
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