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Some of my hardest falls were when learning/practicing riding backwards. Seems like I fell off the back a lot.

Here are my suggestions:
- Use smooth pedals, not pinned. When you start to go off the back, you need to get your feet off the pedals and underneath you fast. If your feet stick to the pedals, you're way more likely to go down hard.
- Wear elbow guards and a helmet with good rear protection (skateboard style). If I happen to go down full-force backwards, I land on my elbows and my head hits the ground. Sometimes hard enough that the snap-on visor comes flying off.

Fortunately, the "major fall" period doesn't last that long. Although I'm still not a very good backwards rider, it's been a long time since I've had a full-on fall while doing it. Now I just step off the back. (But I still wear head and elbow protection -- you never know!)
Good luck!
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