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Hi there

In my experience I haven't found learning to ride backwards a dangerous one in the sense of injuring yourself (I learnt it in a freestyle unicycle). Whilst you ride slowly I think you might be ok (if you ride slowly you seem to have time to land on your feet if you feel that you are about to loose control..). I think the main thing to overcome is how disorientating is to ride backwards whilst facing forward... I have fallen off on my back plenty of times learning other tricks (riding left footed and doing 'rolling' drops from a height) but not riding backwards.

Actually I have fallen off on my back when riding forward whilst daydreaming (got distracted and somehow my feet got caught in the pedal..)

I have never used any protection on my back so can't advise what is best for it.. The problem is that if you fall on your back you might either fall flat on it or you might land on your butt... Also you can hurt your neck with the 'whiplash effect' if it is a bad fall (that happened to me: I don't know if you could prevent the whiplash injury with any standard protection gear..)
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