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Hey all,
I'm new here. I joined for information and encouragement. I'm 59 and I learned to ride when in high school on a 20" Schwinn. I rode on and off on that until I learned about muni in 2000. I bought a 26" Pashley muni and dabbled on it but it was harder than I thought and got discouraged. I sold it in 2005 when moved out of the country to do mission work. I haven't ridden since then. A few weeks ago the muni bug bit again and a few days ago I received my new Nimbus 26" muni. I went to a parking lot and after several attempts I was able to free mount and ride a few rotations. After 15 minutes I rode a very wobbly 50 yards or so. But I was also gassed and headed home a little discouraged. I guess I have more work to do than I planned but I want to get there. They make it look so easy on YouTube.
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